Property Overview

P and L Ventures, LLC handles Property Management, Construction Management, Maintenance and Asset Management through the sale of the property. Our team of dedicated personnel will survey the property, perform inspections both inside and outside and ascertain the overall health of the structure and identify any issues pertaining to the property and surrounding area. Our assessment includes identifying any safety issues associated with the property.

P and L Ventures, understands the need for tactical and strategic plans to facilitate the immediate and long term operation of the property consistent with the objectives of our clients. We immediately interview and evaluate those who occupy the structure; we interview and assess those operating and maintaining the property in its current state; we identify, secure and if necessary recover assets; we obtain all documentation and records; we review insurance coverage and contracts; we identify and secure legal documents and we take necessary steps to follow rulings to meet court orders and other requirements. Once completed, we then prepare and present a budget including expense and cash flow reporting that will allow us to optimize management of the property.

Our Action will result in monthly finance reports, maintenance reports and occupancy reports. Other reporting will be prepared to meet specific client needs.