Business Transition Plan

P and L Ventures, LLC will work with the lender to ensure a smooth transition process to reduce disruption to ongoing operations, maintain employee satisfaction, product results and achieve an effective communication flow between all parties. Once appointed as the Receiver, P and L Ventures will provide a basic preliminary Business Report to the Assigner within 3 weeks.

Listed below is a Transition schedule and Compliance Report that will drive the smooth seamless takeover of the property.

Within 3 Weeks Within 4 Weeks Going-Forward
Lease analysis, Building and Property Condition Report, Employee Review & Recommendation Financial accounting take-over completed. Monthly Financials
Quarterly Financials
Notification of all vendors, tenants, and property banking institutions Working Budget completed with cash need analysis, Management plan Follow Action Plan
Establish Procedures & Policies
Maintain Budget
Action Plan for the Business Product/Pricing/Inventory & Cash flow Review Review sales targets, revenue stream & product evaluation Report Sales activity, inventory, revenue stream and client base and economic indicators

Identify what services are necessary for Going-Forward with the lender:

Product line review, Executive productivity,

Sales activity, Employee productivity,

Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Trustee Services,

Product/Service pricing analysis,

and Major Client review.