Business Scheduled Services

The Co-founders/Members of P and L Ventures, LLC have worked together in various businesses for over 36 years. We have built a history of integrity, responsiveness, quality, honesty, outstanding performance and respect for one another and our client relationships. P and L Ventures, LLC excel in creative solutions to optimize and protect corporate value. We understand the critical nature of presenting a quality package for resale purposes. Our goal is to efficiently transition the business from receivership through stabilization to resale in a manner that will maintain or enhance the business value. Our Business Services Group will provide a variety of services to the client as listed below.

  • The Field Manager and Field Supervisor will visit the property and address employee issues, health and safety issues, maintenance and related subjects and prepare appropriate solutions.
  • 24-hour Emergency Service Line, which will allow management and others access to the managers of your property even on holidays and weekends. Should any emergency occur, we will notify you immediately.
  • Monitoring of vendors and contractors, preparation of specifications for new contracts, negotiation and/or renegotiations for new contracts, and performance evaluation of existing contracts.
  • Monthly financial statement: On a cash basis to include an executive summary of operational activity and variances to the budget with a general ledger, balance sheet, budget comparison report, summary income sheet, aged delinquency report, income register, major client stability report, check register and a bank reconciliation reports.
  • Prepare and issue client billing, collections and account activity if necessary.
  • A monthly narrative report summarizing the activities for the prior month.
  • A remaining Year End Budget and the annual budget are prepared for the business.
  • Preventative maintenance programs are established for the building’s mechanical components. These programs are completed with vendors with inspections made by the Company staff.
  • Supervise the services of existing management staff and recommend changes if necessary
  • Initiate Satisfaction Surveys through the sales organization to maintain Client base
  • The management staff monitors all business improvement work and works closely with executive managers to maintain product/service product and revenue stream.
  • Implementation of strong employee relations programs and administration of all employee benefits, coordinating closely with the sales team, and establishes procedures for the prompt receipt, recordation, investigation and handling of client complaints, requests and orders.
  • Hire, discharge and supervise all employees required for the on-site management, operation, maintenance and repair of the business and property.
  • Maintain constant review of physical structure, provide recommendations and implement programs to maintain the image of the property.
  • Take all reasonable steps, including legal action to enforce all maintenance, service and supply contracts, guarantees, warranties, bonds and other contractual undertakings, if any.
  • Engage attorneys experienced in the field of business relations to prosecute defaults under leases and other agreements relating to the business and property.
  • Emergency Response Planning (ERP)